Kinexcs is a data-driven health platform & wearables company enabling and empowering mobility and better lives.



KIMIA Assessment

Gait is touted as the 6th vital sign of the body. KIMIA Assessment delivers a full assessment of gait in just 1 min which can be performed in the comfort of your home.

KIMIA Monitoring

Using KIMIA – our unique knee joint wearable device, KIMIA Monitoring offers continuous monitoring generating patient’s personalised data around knee health.


Validated Proprietary Technology

KIMIA IP is built upon 19 patents with a worldwide perpetual license, encompassing sensor design, interfacing techniques, data processing algorithms, etc. to provide validated and reliable data parameters.

Evidence Based

Through our suite of products, Kinexcs provides clients evidence-based understanding of their physiological health, empowering you to make informed choices to better your mobility. 

ISO13485 Certified

Given the seal of approval of the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), KIMIA is ISO13485 certified and upholds international and industry gold standards.


At Kinexcs, we understand the complexity of human physiology and the interdependency of its various systems.

Whether you have had former musculoskeletal, neurological or other medical conditions which have implicated your mobility or motor abilities, we strive to provide solutions through our suite of products.

By harnessing the power of data, Kinexcs serves to empower every client and their healthcare providers with personalised health insights, through which they may better understand and take meaningful steps to improving their health.

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