Sleep Hormone Test + Oura Ring Combo


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If good sleep could be encapsulated in a pill, it would be the strongest medication ever produced. Numerous studies have connected inadequate sleep to chronic diseases and shortened lifespan. But alas, sleep is not that simple. In fact, it’s the one natural process that might cause the most issues for modern-day adults, with around 30 percent of the population having some degree of sleep disruption.

Kinexcs offers an unprecedented way for you to understand the sleep issue that is specific to your own body so that you can find the fittest way to fix it.

Why Kinexcs Sleep Hormone Test

The Kinexcs Sleep Test gives you insights of your body’s own regulatory system that governs your sleep patterns. By looking into the sleep-related hormones from saliva samples in various time of the day, you can discover the best way to better adjust your sleep based on your own personalized scientific evidence.

Why Oura Ring

Oura is the best sleep tracker you could probably find in the market. It measures your sleep using sensors that gauge body signals, including your resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate variability (HRV), body temperature, respiratory rate, and movement, to determine your sleep patterns. These parameters allow Oura to decipher your sleep patterns, such as how much time you spent in each sleep stage, how restorative your sleep was, and whether your sleep has gotten your body more ready for the next day.

Why Oura Ring and Sleep Hormone Test together

After getting your Sleep Test results, Kinexcs would offer recommendations on how to improve your sleep quality based on your own data. You may then track and quantify the changes to your body by tracking your sleep with Oura. You can always come back to Kinexcs’ sleep expert to constantly improve your sleep and health. We wish to be your companion along your journey towards a better health.

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Black, Silver, Stealth

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Balance, Heritage

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6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


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