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So you’ve read our Why Personalized Healthcare Matters article (I recommend reading it first if you haven’t done so already to get some context!) and are intrigued by the wealth of high quality options that’s out there in the market today huh? Well fret not, because we’ve got you covered!

Here our some of our top recommendations for devices, kits and services that provide you with a wealth of actionable information and analytics through tracking and monitoring information or through telemedicine. These are in no particular order, since each product and service has its own best use case and niche, but they all share the same overarching theme of providing you accurate feedback regarding your health and fitness levels and provide you actionable advice or treatment that is tailored to your own unique situation.

Apple Watch Series 6

(Pictured here: Apple Watch Series 5)

Quite likely the most famous Smart Wearable of all time, the Apple Watch is the quintessential companion piece of many a fitness enthusiast as well as the health conscious. Considered the gold standard in the fitness wearable market, it’s hard to beat the Apple Watch for its stellar combination of style, utility as well as good third-party support.

One of Apple’s key deliverables in the Personalized Healthcare space is the integration of the Apple Watch into the greater Apple Health ecosystem. A whole suite of features are available to the user to gather information about their own health through ECG readings, irregular heart rhythm notifications, menstrual cycle tracking and more. The watch also has Move, Exercise, and Stand rings that motivate users to stay active on a regular basis.

For the Series 6 refresh of the Apple Watch, key changes over the previous iteration of the timeless design include a 2.5 times brighter always on display, 20% faster processors and most relevant of all in the context of what we’re discussing today, a new sensor that actively monitors blood oxygen levels (SpO2) through an array of infrared LEDs that measure light reflected back from the blood. This feature measures the oxygen saturation levels of the user’s blood to determine how well oxygenated blood is being delivered throughout the user’s body.

If convenience and style is what you desire in addition to getting personalized feedback regarding your activity/sleep levels, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a perfect companion for you.

Available in the Apple Store from S$599.

Oura Ring

Perhaps one of the most unique fitness trackers out there, Oura ring takes miniaturization to a new extreme, cramming loads of sensors and a 5-7 days battery into a package literally the size of a wedding ring. We can’t quite believe it either, but the Finnish engineers over at Oura managed to pull it off with a stylish look and a premium finish.

Unlike many other fitness devices that aim to provide you a comprehensive picture of your health & fitness, Oura Ring is quite content fulfilling a singular purpose, helping you to monitor your sleep, and it does that role incredibly well. Using its advanced sensors and an accelerometer, Oura Ring is able to measure things like Total Sleep Time and Sleep Latency (how long it takes to fall asleep) to give you metrics on your sleep and recovery to help you understand your overall sleep quality and offer personalized bedtime guidance.

There isn’t anything quite like the Oura Ring out in the marketplace today, so it fulfills a very interesting niche within the smart wearables market. If what you desire is health monitoring in the smallest and most unobtrusive package and you like being an early adopter of groundbreaking technology, the Oura Ring is clearly the right fit for you. Plus, it’s guaranteed to make a cool conversation piece the next time you’re out with your friends (covid regulations permitting).

Available in our Online Store from S$460.

Doctor Anywhere

We all knew it was coming, but it surprised us all the same when it actually became a reality. A legitimate doctor’s appointment, complete with prescriptions, medical certificates and referrals, through video call on our phone, all without ever leaving our own room? Count us in!

Alright, alright, we admit, perhaps the concept isn’t all that revolutionary as we’re making it seem. After all, video calling/conferencing technology have been around for decades at this point. What is so different however, is the fact that they are offering a legitimate clinical service through video conferencing only, with no bells and whistles attached. It really is that simple, you book an appointment slot online with your preferred physician, fill up a pre-consultation survey, then when its your timeslot, turn on your front camera and a doctor will assess you based on your medical history, current symptoms and by talking to you.

Now of course, the scope of such virtual consultations are limited by nature of the technology. The doctor is unable to physically assess your situation nor place a stethoscope on your chest to hear your breathing, hence patients with conditions that are deemed unsuitable for video consultations are recommended to either visit their clinic in person or the A&E.

Consultations start from S$20 on DoctorAnywhere


A novel doctor-on-demand service, Rescu offers an interesting proposition, a dedicated house call service with no actual physical clinic. Just by giving them a call, a doctors will travel straight to your home and provide you with a personal consultation.

This strikes an interesting balance between a normal visit to the doctor’s office and more novel telemedicine technologies. Perhaps you are caring for young children or the elderly, whom with visiting a clinic might prove to be challenging. On the other hand, video-calling a doctor may not provide them with sufficient levels of medical care. A house call doctor comes into play here, offering a premium personalized concierge medical service.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, is the price tag. No, contrary to our pre-conceived notions of on-demand healthcare, it actually is surprisingly affordable to book an appointment through Rescu. Now such a service is obviously not for everyone, you would still have to wait for the medicine to be delivered over via mail or courier, but the value proposition it provides is still substantial. Imagine not having to travel all the way down to the doctor’s office whilst ill and have them come all the way over to your house instead. For the price, we feel that it’s an absolute steal.

Consultations start from S$68 on Rescu


Now this product’s a bit of an outlier compared to the rest of the products here, but hear us out. Test kits can and should be considered a part of personalized healthcare for they give you easy access to information about your genome that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to unless you go for very expensive health checkups.

23andMe offers test kits that allow you to trace back your ancestry and paint a comprehensive portrait of your genetic background. More importantly however, is the face that its more premium offerings also give you a personalized report on your predisposition to Type 2 Diabetes, BRCA1/BRCA2, Celiac’s disease and more. Family health history trees, Pharmacogenetic reports, the list goes on.

Hopefully you see where we’re going with this. As much as the idea of sending your DNA to a lab somewhere across the globe might seem like a scary concept to some, the potential upsides of gaining accurate knowledge on our own bodies is huge enough to reconsider our mindsets. The test kits may not be able to cure or treat any of our conditions, nor provide a 100% accurate picture of our genetic conditions, but what they do provide is a sense of reassurance unlike no other.

Available from 23andMe from USD $199

Kinexcs Saliva Hormone Test Kit

Rounding up our list of personalized healthcare products and services is none other than our very own Saliva Hormone Test Kits! Coming in with 6 different variants of Test Kits testing for different indicators and hormones, there is definitely one that suits your needs. In a similar vein to 23andMe, the Kinexcs Saliva Hormone Test Kit will test the DNA from your saliva in a lab for hormone levels and give you a personalized health report based on the results.

Men in their 40s and 50s are the most susceptible to large sways in their hormone levels, with many wondering about the cause of their sudden lack of energy and drive. The uniqueness of the Kinexcs Hormone test kit is in its ability to accurately track your hormone levels and give you targeted advice with pinpoint accuracy on any nutritional or hormonal deficiencies that is causing you to feel a constant lack of energy or a lack of sleep. Your Testosterone, Estradiol and Progesterone levels, among others, play a huge role in determining your mood and sleep levels.

Though the test kit will obviously not be able to prescribe a cure for your conditions, you’re going to need a licensed physician for that, the knowledge of what is really causing your mood swings can be so incredibly freeing. For those that are health-conscious, personalized healthcare solutions like test kits offer an unbeatable value, with 1-time costs as opposed to the uncountable value lost from a lack of sleep and decreased mental health, not just in monetary terms.

Available from our Online Store from $249 (On sale now at $199)


So, that was our select roundup of the best options we found on the market for those that are seeking healthcare solutions that are a bit more personal and targeted than waiting in a doctor’s front office!

Honorable mentions go out to the Fitbit Charge 4 and Garmin Vivoactive 4 for being excellent fitness trackers that occupy a market space similar to the Apple Watch, TelaDoc and Maven Clinic for telemedicine if you’re living in the United States or Canada, and AncestryDNA for test kits similar to 23andMe and our Kinexcs Saliva Hormone Test Kit.

Personalized healthcare is still a relatively new and nascent field, but to those who are in the loop, it is an untapped market of huge potential upsides for both consumers and businesses. With the proliferation of smart IoT devices and machine learning algorithms that can churn through petabytes of data, we can only imagine what the future will hold in the medical tech space.

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