Challenges After Knee Surgery

Recovering from Total Knee Replacement surgery can be challenging and lengthy.

Patients face difficulties such as frequent visits to doctors, monitoring range of motion, and identifying wound complications.

These challenges can lead to frustration, delay recovery, and affect the patient’s quality of life.

Road To Efficient Recovery

Using KIMIA – provides ongoing monitoring of knee health through the use of its proprietary wearable device, KIMIA, which generates personalized data for patients.

With KIMIA Recover, patients can take control of their recovery journey, reduce the number of clinic visits, detect potential complications early on, and improve their quality of life.

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What Doctor Says

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What Patient Says

Our Values

KIMIA Knee Health Kit is the world’s first wearable solution that monitors the continuous range of motion (CROM) of your knee joint.

By collecting your knee CROM information, your doctor and therapist are able to analyze the true status of your knee performance during your daily activities, which then allows them to modify your treatments and improve your condition.

Benchmark Your Knee Performance For Expected Outcomes

Evaluate Effectiveness Of Treatments Received

Plan For The Optimal Intervention. Adjust Daily Routines To Avoid Over/Under Exercise

KIMIA Recover Features

State-Of -The-Art Wearable Sensors

KIMIA’s wearable sensors are designed to collect high-precision clinical data, including gait parameters and range of motion and mobility of a patient’s knee. The data collected is used to track patient progress over time and provide insights that help clinicians make informed decisions about treatment.

Patient App

KIMIA’s patient app is a powerful tool that provides patients with access to rehab education, real-time guidance, and teleconsultations. The app empowers patients to take control of their recovery journey and work towards achieving their goals.

Clinician Dashboard

KIMIA’s clinician dashboard provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive overview of patient progress and performance. The dashboard is designed to monitor patient progress, provide feedback, and perform functional assessments, helping clinicians make data-driven decisions about patient care.

What Does KIMIA Recover Do?

KIMIA® Recover Monitors

Your Post-Surgical Range Of Motion (ROM)

Monitor your knee ROM and follow guidance to achieve 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week post-surgical targets set by the clinician.

Your Activities Of Daily Living (ADL)

Understand your functional recovery when you perform at-home routines, such as walking, stair climbing, standing, and lying down.

Your Wound Recovery

Upload photos of your wound, which allow your surgeon to address wound infection, excessive discharge, or bleeding issues that may occur between 48 hours to 3-weeks post-surgery

KIMIA Recover Can

Help You Take Control Of Your Recovery

You will have a comprehensive understanding of your recovery progress, focus on achieving daily targets and maintain a desirable rehab routine, leading toward full recovery.

Assist Your Exercise At Home

Follow the guided exercises and hit new recovery milestones every week.

Communicate With Clinicians Through Data

Your surgeon and therapists have 24/7 access to your recovery status, allowing them to personalize your post-op recovery targets, adjust appointments and address complications promptly.

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